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Tuesday, 06 July 2021 11:59

The Future of Collision Repair Training is Here and It’s Called Tradiebot

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Students and trainees can learn collision repair techniques from their smartphones and other personal devices while using Tradiebot. Students and trainees can learn collision repair techniques from their smartphones and other personal devices while using Tradiebot.


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An Australian-based advanced software company that develops immersive technology solutions for training and information delivery in the automotive and trade sectors has been getting rave reviews from students and teachers worldwide.

Tradiebot, founded three years ago, develops cutting-edge systems using technology like augmented reality and virtual environments. These systems are integrated seamlessly with automotive businesses such as auto body shops, car rebuilders/customizers and large collision repair centers.


The company has partnered with some key industry players including universities, schools and government bodies to develop industrial innovation and digital transformation through its training platforms.


With an enormous need for new talent in the collision repair industry all over the planet, Tradiebot is succeeding by helping people and organizations to perform a wide range of tasks---from applying primer to a fender all the way to plastic and metal welding techniques.


Beth Rutter, Tradiebot’s director of industry and customer engagement, North America, can see a future where schools or training facilities rely almost exclusively on immersive training.


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Beth Rutter


Simulators won’t replace instructors and I-CAR probably isn’t going to hire robots to teach classes---yet---but augmented reality is here to stay because it’s effective and easy to integrate into any training program.


Training on a virtual system has proven to be highly effective in many industries. Today, bus drivers can learn their routes via augmented reality systems, so your kids won’t be late to school, and doctors now practice on virtual patients in order to improve their skills and techniques.


Tradiebot can provide training for anyone who works in an auto body shop, but currently its main focus is developing virtual reality programs to train entry-level refinish technicians, as well as augmented reality technical information systems and a robotic 3D printing headlight Repairbot.


As the world enters the age of electric vehicles, Tradiebot is prepared to be on the cutting edge when it comes to all of the associated training that will be required.


“We can use virtual training for anything you can imagine, and with all of the processes associated with EVs, our solutions are ideal,” Rutter said. “We can train someone in...

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