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Monday, 08 March 2021 09:26

Rick Selover Paints a Positive Picture on a Podcast for Shop Owners/Managers

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Industry veteran Rick Selover produces a weekly podcast, "The Mind Wrench," to help shop owners/managers be better leaders. Industry veteran Rick Selover produces a weekly podcast, "The Mind Wrench," to help shop owners/managers be better leaders.


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OK, so you had a bad day, it happens. A few of your techs called in sick, there was that one requisite snarky customer, you had to wrestle on a supplement from one of your DRPs and the shop dog is gassy.

Rather than running for the hills or pouring a double scotch, take a deep breath and listen to "The Mind Wrench," a weekly podcast created by Rick Selover in Detroit, MI, available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.


Selover is a 40-year veteran of the collision repair industry, as well as a life coach, multi-award-winning sales leader, collision industry consultant/advisor, certified Knowledge Business Broker (KBB), former refinishing instructor and motivational coach. He is currently a sales manager for FinishMaster, serving eastern Michigan and northern Ohio and overseeing a team of 14 sales reps.

Selover, 59, is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise accumulated over more than four decades in this industry.


“My goal has always been to use my skill set and experience to create messages that will motivate people and help them to be better versions of themselves,” he said. “My themes and stories are often related to the body shop life, but in the end, they can apply to anyone in any industry. The theories, lessons and tactics that I share on my 'Mind Wrench' podcast will apply to any business that is providing a service.”


Selover’s weekly show is designed primarily for those in the automotive repair industry, but his simple yet effective strategies can be used by anyone looking to reach the next level in life, he said.


“The show ranges from 10 minutes to a half-hour in length and features my practical and personal insights on things such as mindset, self-improvement and leadership. My goal is to help body shop owners to be successful while enjoying their lives. I’m always learning and searching for additional ways to serve and to help others on their journey to growth!”


Selover has observed effective leaders in action during his career and learned from all of them.


“I discovered that good leadership is the most critical factor that determines sustained success,” he said. “What is desperately needed, but undeniably missing from the auto body world, was...

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