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Friday, 06 November 2020 18:56

Marketing in 2020: Will People Find You and What Will They See?

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PR Media Coach Eric Reamer helps body shops and small businesses with their online presence. PR Media Coach Eric Reamer helps body shops and small businesses with their online presence.


The marketing game is more important in 2020 than ever before. Are people finding your business online, and if they are what are they seeing? Are you getting leads online or disappearing altogether?

These were some of the questions that were answered during a presentation at SEMA360, part of the SCRS 2020 Repairer Driven Education series, co-hosted by PR Media Coach Eric Reamer and Owner Robert Grieve at Nylund's Collision Center, a 30-year-old shop in Englewood, CO.


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Owner Robert Grieve at Nylund's Collision Center has been doing his shop’s online marketing since day one.


Reamer and Grieve addressed two critically important aspects of marketing your shop---how to force Google to attract more of the right customers to your business, and how to win their business before they ever step foot on the property.


In this class, Reamer and Grieve described exactly how to jump the line in Google search results by answering the same questions your prospects are asking every day. And once they find you---how to seal the deal by appealing to what matters most to them.


Grieve specifically shared valuable information about how shops can accelerate visibility online and close more sales with people already leaning in to their offerings.


“'If you didn’t know where you’re going, it really doesn’t matter what you do to get there' is an old saying that applies in many ways to the way shops market themselves,” Reamer said.


To point collision repairers in the right direction, Reamer initially cited some stats to support his claims. One number that stood out was the fact 92% of all people use Google to perform their searches.


“Almost every computer out there comes with Bing installed, but no one uses it,” Reamer said.


One of the main components to marketing online...

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