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Reward, Motivate Your Employees Without Breaking the Bank

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Keep Your Office Door Open

Give your employees the confidence to walk up to you whenever they have a concern, and be as transparent as you can in this regard. Encourage them to come up with new ideas and solutions, and let the younger employees pitch to the crew without getting negative feedback from your veteran employees. Some shops schedule semi-regular brainstorming sessions where your people can throw around ideas anonymously so that no one gets judged or marginalized for their enthusiasm. 

"This does not mean that you have to literally keep your office door open," Dr. Friedman said. "But letting employees know that you will always have time for them is important. Not rushing them when they stop to talk is also key. In many cases, the best ideas will come from your employees during these open-door conversations." 

You don’t always have to increase salaries or pass out hefty bonuses every time your crew is in the need for some motivation to work hard. Communicate with them, understand their cause for worry, add in some fun, make the work environment light and healthy, and you will retain your employees longer while improving their productivity.

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