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CAA History 1
Art D'Angelo, Sr. (third from left) worked as a 3M sales representative for many years before purchasing an existing paint company with two stores. He was the CAA's first president and many consider him the founder as well.

The California Autobody Association (CAA) is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year after serving the collision repair industry in the Golden State since 1966.

Wednesday, 08 June 2016 18:24

Grateful Body Shop Owner Ready to Give Back

Grateful Body Shop Owner Ready to Give Back
Jose Esquivel, the owner of Midwest Auto Body in Melrose, IL has survived and thrived by working with family, embracing education and stressing customer service above all.


Jose Esquivel, the owner of Midwest Auto Body in Melrose, IL, entered the collision repair industry at the top--as an owner.

Some Shops Hate Him, but Consumers Love Him: The Wreck Check Story

Wreck Check Car Scan Centers were founded in 1997 by Rocco J. Avellini.  The company helps consumers who get shoddy repairs from body shops nationwide. 


If someone gets into a car accident, takes their vehicle to a shop, and then later discovers that they are the victim of a shoddy (and possibly unsafe) repair, what is their next step? What if that customer then takes the car back to the same shop and does not get any satisfaction? People all over the country are in this predicament every day, and that is why more and more disgruntled body shop customers are visiting one of 35 Wreck Check Car Scan Centers throughout the U.S. to find answers to their questions and remedy the associated issues.

Body shops and insurance companies are both very interested in three separate, yet connected cases, all of which could seriously affect how they work together for many years to come. While California auto body and insurance company representatives were weighing in on Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones’ proposed proposals to stop improper labor rate surveys and steering during the last week of April, an upcoming critical state Supreme Court decision could potentially hijack them both.  

Body shops are always looking for a better and affordable way to keep their name in front of their customers.

NJ Shop Owner Gets an Offer He Can't Refuse

Shop Owner Joe Rodi came to Italy in 1956 and thanks to a recent sale to Wawa, a large retailer, he will soon be able to return to visit his homeland of Calabria for an extended vacation.


Joseph Rodi, 78, is the owner of Rodi's Auto Body in Cherry Hill, NJ and happy to say that he is living the American Dream. He's proud of his two sons who work in the business and of all the things he has achieved through his shop in its 56 years of existence. And that's why the Rodi family and many members of the community in Cherry Hill were a little concerned when Wawa, a large retailer, started looking at Rodi's property and subsequently approached him to purchase his shop and the strip mall he also owns nearby.

Do Vehicle Wraps Make Sense for Your Shop?

The King of Wraps in San Jose, CA did this wrap that tells a story and uses humor to promote the Waffle Roost in northern California.


You've seen them everywhere and the graphics are pretty spectacular. Food trucks, large 16-wheelers, vans of all sizes and cars of every type now have advertising messages that entice viewers. Some people have allowed companies to put their logos on their daily drivers and paying them handsomely for doing so and this movement is growing fast.

Phantom 1

Sean Fitzgerald is only 33, but he's already owned Phantom Autobody in Jeffersonville, IN for three years now.


Sean Fitzgerald, 33, has a busy work schedule as he balances two jobs--body shop owner and bartender--but he makes it all work because he stresses quality in everything he does. While running the show at Phantom Autobody in Jeffersonville, IN, he is a hands-on owner who still paints most of the vehicles that come into his shop. And after his 10-12 hour days fixing cars and doing custom paint, he is off to work as a bartender to help him pay the bills.

AskPatty 1

Jody DeVere established AskPatty.com a decade ago to help women as body shop professionals and also as consumers of automotive repair services.


When a car needs repairs, it's likely that a woman will be bringing it into your shop. Those numbers have climbed over the years, and now the experts claim that 73 percent of all automotive repair customers are female. In 2012, there were more women than men with driver's licenses for the very first time. On top of that, women have become more savvy consumers and can't be bamboozled anymore with technical terms and industry speak.

Customer Svc 1

Nancy Friedman is known throughout the country as the Telephone Doctor, but she is also a keynote speaker for large automotive companies and a customer service consultant for big corporations. She takes businesses of all sizes that are dropping the ball when it comes to basic customer service and turns them into thoroughbreds. Her clients include CARSTAR, Big O Tires, Goodyear, Tire Pro, Midas, and many other well respected automotive companies around the country.