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Tuesday, 10 May 2022 11:09

Day Job/Night Job: She Sold Her Auto Body Shop to Become an Artist

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Bianca Rauser sold her shop to step away from the crazy life of collision repair and pursue her passion for making art. Bianca Rauser sold her shop to step away from the crazy life of collision repair and pursue her passion for making art.


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In the world of collision repair, there are a ton of multi-talented people doing other things when they’re not repairing vehicles.

I would bet the average customer does not realize the tech, painter or estimator working on their car is a musician, artist, actor, writer, movie director---even the owner of a champion Frisbee dog! I have enjoyed interviewing these mega-talented individuals since I started this column in 2008 when I wrote a story about Chris Mashburn, a body tech, and his beloved Frisbee dog, Mindy.


This story is about Bianca Rauser, who stepped away from the world of collision repair and sold her shop to enjoy life and pursue her art. A major tragedy in her life caused Rauser to fast track her journey, and part of that includes creating art that has quickly become a significant part of her retirement plan.


How did you get into the collision repair industry?


I was working for an insurance company, and had to interact with body shops a lot. I was getting tired of the Evil Empire when a shop owner offered me a job. I took it, and I absolutely loved my position. He taught me how to be an estimator and I loved everything about it.


What were the most satisfying and challenging parts of your role in the industry?


There are people out there who aren’t crazy about women working in this industry. It has gotten better, but it still exists. When I could make customers happy after going through the stressful situation of an accident---I loved that part. It has also been rewarding getting to know and interact with some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.


What are the biggest obstacles for the industry moving forward?


Lack of education! As cars are ever-changing with legions of new technology, it is imperative to constantly train to keep up with correct procedures. I hated the fact that I had to fight with the insurance companies so that we could make safe, OE repairs. I could see that quality wasn’t always a priority and it began to...

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