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Thursday, 06 September 2018 22:17

Day Job/Night Job: Monte Marrott Hits Sweet Chords With His Custom Guitars

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Each one of Marrott's guitars is a piece of art, just like a beautifully painted car. Each one of Marrott's guitars is a piece of art, just like a beautifully painted car.




In the beginning, Marrott would purchase old used electric guitars, but it was just a hobby at that point, he said.


"I would put a cool paint job on them and then gift them away,” he said. “Then, I met Doug Roomian in 2002 through his nephew, Jake Tropea, and things just took off from there. He had been building these incredible guitars since the ‘70s, and I learned a lot about the craft from Doug.”


Marrott designed and manufactured more than 20 guitars under the Roomian name until 2005, when he began making them all on his own. Today, Marrott's custom-made guitars sell for $1,500 to $5,000 and are coveted by top guitarists throughout the world. Johnny Gun, who has played with Eddie Money, Cold Blood and Tommy Castro; Peter Hayes with the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; and several other local musicians own guitars made by Marrott Custom Guitars.


Now receiving his share of accolades for his guitar designs, Marrott is excited about the business's future, but isn't thinking about doing it full-time quite yet.


"I love making guitars and working at Martin Auto Color," he said. "I work on them two nights a week. It can take six months to a year to complete one guitar, but it's great therapy. I have a quiet spot where I can build them, and it's my sanctuary, so I will be doing this [for] as long as I can."

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