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Thursday, 06 September 2018 22:17

Day Job/Night Job: Monte Marrott Hits Sweet Chords With His Custom Guitars

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Each one of Marrott's guitars is a piece of art, just like a beautifully painted car. Each one of Marrott's guitars is a piece of art, just like a beautifully painted car.




After working in construction in the Presidio in San Francisco after the 1989 earthquake, Marrott decided to navigate away from being a combo tech and began focusing solely on painting cars. He became a head painter in 1995, and the experience re-ignited his passion for the industry. It eventually led to a job as a sales rep for a jobber in the Bay Area, but for the first few years, he was still painting cars.


"I basically became a substitute painter who would step in to help a customer when one of his painters called in sick or was on vacation," Marrott said. "I told them, ‘I'm your guy,’ and it worked out well because it often led to more sales down the road."


Looking back at his 30-plus years of experience in different capacities within the automotive paint world, Marrott cites two major changes that have positively impacted the industry.


"When waterborne paint came around and everyone started using it in 2007, that was good for everyone---the shops, the employees and the consumer---it was great all around. The technology has also made the process of painting cars easier with camera color-matching systems, sophisticated paint booths and better training overall," he said.


At Martin Auto Color, training painters is now Marrott's primary role, he explained.


"In some cases, I will take a prepper and help him become a painter or work with a veteran painter to learn about the products or refresh his skills. We stress new techniques that maybe they didn't know about before and teach them some of our tricks of the trade," he said.


Marrott said that his musical career started even earlier than his years in the backyard body shop.


"At 5 [years old], I was playing the piano, but six years later, I dropped it for the guitar,” he said. “When I was 13, I got in my first band called Spur, doing country cover songs. I also played with several other bands in the ‘90s, including Baxlash (an original rock band) and another cover band named Mr. Meanor that performed songs by Aerosmith, AC/DC, ZZ Top and Metallica, to name a few."

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