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Thursday, 06 September 2018 22:17

Day Job/Night Job: Monte Marrott Hits Sweet Chords With His Custom Guitars

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Each one of Marrott's guitars is a piece of art, just like a beautifully painted car. Each one of Marrott's guitars is a piece of art, just like a beautifully painted car.


As a sales and service tech for the past 12 years at Martin Auto Color---a statewide PPG Platinum jobber with 21 locations---Monte Marrott knows that using the right tools is vital to doing a good job when it comes to painting a car or repairing a vehicle.


If you're using a sub-par piece of equipment, it does not matter how skilled you are. In the end, the finished product isn't going to cut the mustard. Marrott knows this all too well, and that's why he stresses quality and craftsmanship when he designs and builds his own line of custom-made electric guitars. Each one is a piece of art, just like a beautifully painted car, which is why Marrott enjoys living and working in both worlds.


Marrott, 50, likes to say that he grew up in his family's backyard shop in Mapleton, UT, and learned collision repair by jumping in there and doing almost everything himself.


"I was just 15 and had been working with my dad for a while when a family friend with a small body shop took me under his wing," Marrott said. "I became a combo guy and began doing it all---the body work and the paint---which was popular back then before the distinct roles and production lines became more prevalent. I would fix a car from start to finish, and that's why body shops hired me."


After working in Colorado, Southern California and throughout the Bay Area for body shops of all sizes, Marrott embraced a second career for several years to complement his collision work.


"At that time, I was making decent money in construction working primarily on Army bases, but the work was sporadic," he said. "So, when the job was done and I was waiting for the next one, I would fill in at local shops and it worked out well. Collision repair became my fallback job, and it was easy to get hired because I could do every aspect of the repair and enjoyed doing it."

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