Tuesday, 20 September 2022 09:03

Hunter Engineering’s Quick Check® Commercial Named Winner in MOTOR Top 20 Contest  

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Hunter Engineering is pleased to announce it has been named the recipient of another MOTOR Top 20 Award. This year, the honor comes for the Quick Check® Commercial unmanned inspection system.

“It’s a special honor to be named a winner in the MOTOR Top 20 contest, since products are voted on by fellow automotive industry professionals,” said Alex Smith, product manager for inspection. “They recognized Quick Check Commercial as an instant and effortless health check on two of the most important safety and economic considerations for commercial vehicles, tires and alignment.”


Quick Check Commercial provides automatic and touchless alignment and tread depth results for all axles on all trucks, using 40 optical and laser sensors to provide easily comprehensible pass-fail alignment measurements and 3-D tread depth models.


This data can be easily shared with customers, creating transparency and boosting alignment and tire replacement opportunities for heavy-duty service facilities. In turn, fleet managers can dramatically increase their profit per mile through extended tire life and greater fuel efficiency. 

“Since the unmanned system requires nothing more than driving the vehicle between the towers, trucks can be cycled through continuously without operator time or labor, providing clear and actionable data affecting fuel economy and tire life,” Smith said.


The Quick Check Commercial alignment and tire tread inspection system supports multi-trailer configurations, dual axles and super-single tires, as well as full-size and medium-duty trucks.


Hunter is the first global provider to introduce a touchless commercial inspection solution for measuring camber, total toe, tandem axle scrub and tire tread depth on all assemblies for all axles.


The MOTOR Top 20 Awards will be presented at AAPEX in Las Vegas in November. This year’s award is the 12th in the past 16 years for Hunter.


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Source: Hunter Engineering