Wednesday, 31 August 2022 08:44

Save On Credit Card Processing Fees with Zero Processing Smart

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Businesses are switching to zero credit card processing fees and shifting those fees to the customer.

All businesses, including the auto industry, are facing the rising costs of inflation. Switching to zero processing fees can help ease the burden for your repair or body shop and improve your net profit.


In 2011, the Durbin Amendment made it legal for merchants, such as repair/body shops, to pass the credit card service fees to customers rather than the merchant paying for the processing. The customer has the option to use other methods of payment. If a customer chooses to pay with a card, then they choose to accept the convenience fee for using the card. The Durbin Amendment allows a 4% service fee be charged to the customer.


The Durbin Amendment says major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) can no longer force merchants to absorb the processing fees. Over the past 11 years, thousands of state/local entities, universities and retailers have started allowing the customer to pay for the convenience of using a credit card. You shouldn't feel like you have to pay the processing fees so customers can have the convenience of using their credit card.


Switch to Zero Processing Smart and save thousands of dollars and improve your bottom line. Zero Processing Smart will provide you with top-notch service because it has been part of the retail and service industry for more than 40 years.


Zero Processing Smart also offers traditional processing if you're not quite ready to change to zero processing. Check out the website at www.zeroprocessingsmart.com. Email jonlee@zeroprocessingsmart.com or call 205-310-8555.


Source: Zero Processing Smart