Tuesday, 16 August 2022 15:31

Autel Releases Remote Expert Peer-to-Peer Platform Nationwide


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Autel U.S., a leading provider of automotive diagnostics products, launched its Remote Expert platform to all MaxiSYS Ultra, MS919 and MS909 tablets nationwide.

The Remote Expert platform connects technicians with independent module programmers, automotive diagnosticians and system experts who use the peer-to-peer network to perform needed services remotely.


Earlier this year, the platform debuted on the East Coast and has since become available across the country and Canada.


"Techs can connect with experts remotely from as close as down the street to thousands of miles away," said Maurice Miller, Autel's director of technical operations.


Since its debut, more than 2,500 sessions have been completed, and the platform continues to grow in popularity. Remote Expert has seen more than 350 completed orders in just the first two weeks of August. 


As shops face a severe staff shortage and technicians are overwhelmed with the increasing complexity of today's vehicles, Remote Expert seems a brilliant solution for the challenges repair shops and technicians face today.


"Remote Expert is like a virtual lifeline from the technician to an expert," said Miller. "Whatever a technician's challenge, from a tricky diagnosis to module programming, he can use the platform to reach out to an expert. No need to sublet the work or wait for a mobile programmer to drive to the shop; help is a tap on the tablet away."  


Here's how it works: From their Autel Ultra, MS919 or MS909, technicians write the order with vehicle identification and the issue, and submit it to the expert community. The expert sends a quote on the job directly to the tablet.


Once the price is set, the expert...

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