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Symach Fixline System 2022


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FixLine is a lean repair process to repair cars in line, that includes all equipment necessary for the paint line of the collision repair shop.

FixLine includes the phases of primer application, masking, painting, drying, unmasking and polishing all in line, using the CarMover system to move the cars from one phase of the repair process to the next.

How Symach Works

Every FixLine layout is customized starting from the needs of the customer, based on the available warehouse space, the mix of light - medium or heavy damages that is typical of the shop, and the number of repairs per day that the customer is targeting.

Symach consultancy starts from the data of the prospect customer on how he/she is currently doing the repairs and the number and roles of technicians in the shop.

The new layout of the shop reflects the modifications that are needed in the workflow to reach the shop’s target for number of repairs per day/week.

Symach provides the complete project, supporting the customer in the transition to the FixLine system: it prepares the business plan of the investment, along with the list and layout of the necessary equipment. This work is done with the customer and his/her architect and general contractor, during layout design/development to achieve a final project result that meets the objectives of the customer.

Once the layout is agreed, the final equipment selection is made. All the equipment, from the spray booths and the drying booths, to the paint mixing room, the lights and all accessories, are designed and produced at Symach factory in Bologna, Italy, shipped and installed all over the world directly by the Company.

Symach provides the detailed CAD drawings in dwg and pdf formats...

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