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House of Kolor® Celebrates 65 Years in the Custom Industry


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House of Kolor® is celebrating 65 years in the custom industry with a selection of the founder’s newest custom colors, appropriately named “Gemtones,” honoring the sapphire anniversary, along with a selection of limited edition 65th anniversary merchandise.

House of Kolor was founded by Jon "Koz" Kosmoski in 1956 after he had trouble finding a custom color for a 1940 Chevy Coupe build. House of Kolor has since become a premium custom paint line and lifestyle brand showing up on everything from kitchen appliances to outdoor gear.
“Jon not only created a custom paint line, but he sparked a movement,” said Rob Mowson, vice president, marketing, Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes division, “creating a culture in the automotive industry whereby painters could push the envelope with paint jobs using candies and endless effects. He is a legend in the industry and we are honored to have the House of Kolor brand in our repertoire. Furthermore, we are excited to celebrate the sapphire anniversary with him.” 
That '40 Chevy Coupe started winning awards and before he knew it, he was mixing candies for friends.


“I had no intention of making candies for anyone else,” said Koz.


He described the 65-year milestone as surreal and credits the success of the House of Kolor line to a California warehouse distributor who was his first customer.


Bob Berg owned a paint company in an original Sherwin-Williams plant in Los Angeles. He told me that he believed in me and the line so much that he was going to other warehouses to pick up the line and he delivered on that promise. He really got me started,” recalled Koz.


House of Kolor was the first paint line to incorporate organic pigments rather than iron oxide resins.
The seven anniversary colors that make up the new House of Kolor Gemtones collection include...

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