Wednesday, 11 August 2021 18:47

SATA’s Fight Against Knockoffs and Counterfeits


...pending cases in other countries as well. Furthermore, they monitor all their "old friends" very closely and are consistently checking to see if the upcoming models infringe their intellectual property.


“If ITALCO learned their lesson and stopped copying our products,” said the representative, “everything would be fine. But taking the past into consideration, we will have to keep a close eye on them.”


In addition, there are a few resellers left who still order infringing ITALCO branded products.


“To clarify, it is also illegal for the resellers to buy or sell infringing products,” he said. “We have our ways to find out who orders, when, how many times and much more. We also have a big network from which we receive our information and are very experienced in fighting counterfeits. If we became aware of such a reseller, they have to reckon with painful legal and financial consequences.


"For all out there, I can only recommend not to order infringing products from ITALCO/AUARITA or any other copycat; otherwise you have to worry that we’ll come knocking on your door.”


Unfortunately, there are always other counterfeiters, so SATA will continue hunting. This is not the only thrilling case of SATA’s fight against knockoffs and counterfeits. More will be published in the future.


Source: SATA


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