Wednesday, 11 August 2021 11:47

SATA’s Fight Against Knockoffs and Counterfeits


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SATA is a leader in professional paint application and the manufacturer of the well-known spray guns which set a precedence in the market.

Because of this status, some companies started producing counterfeits and knockoffs of SATA spray guns more than 20 years ago. Since then, SATA has fought against these imitating products and their manufacturers.


SATA said these companies are usually based in Asia, mainly in China.


SATA’s intellectual property representative provided background on one of his favorite cases the ITALCO case.


According to the SATA representative, some years ago, ITALCO launched a website that was a near-identical copy of SATA’s previous website. He had reason to believe a Chinese company called AUARITA was behind the brand and the website.


AUARITA is a Chinese manufacturer of cheap spray guns, and something SATA calls an “old friend."


“I have to say that we had already taken several actions against this company in China,” said the representative. “Hence, the ‘old friend’ status.”


Later they found several resellers in the U.S. were selling ITALCO branded products that infringed on SATA’s trademarks and patents.


“We took actions against these resellers; most of them were smart and stopped selling the infringing products, but that’s a different story,” said the representative.


Through these resellers and other sources, it was confirmed AUARITA was the company behind ITALCO, because the resellers had...

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