Tuesday, 29 June 2021 16:29

Sherwin-Williams® Collision Core™ Quality Application Earns 2021 “Kool Tool” Distinction From The Society Of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS)

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Sherwin-Williams® recently launched Collision Core™ Quality and has grabbed the attention of not only body shops implementing the application to prevent in-process quality failures in the repair process, but industry partners like the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS).

This year, SCRS released its newest list of “Kool Tools” and Sherwin-Williams Collision Core Quality was among those recognized by repairers as a must-have in their shops.

SCRS defines its “Kool Tools” as unique products designed for auto body shops and this year’s list is reflective of those discovered during the 2020 SEMA360 online event and compiled by the organization’s Education Committee.


Paul Sgro, owner of Lee’s Garage located in West Long Branch, New Jersey, nominated the Collision Core Quality App because, “It has given us an opportunity to be faster going through our processes and in turn giving us accountability in what we do. Sherwin-Williams was at the forefront as a forward thinker to work with us,” he says.

Using a mobile device, Collision Core Quality provides peer-to-peer quality verification and validation assurance giving body shop owners and managers data insights, cost savings, improved labor utilization and ultimately, peace of mind.

Collision Core Quality is part of a comprehensive suite of solutions including six applications in all – built to connect metrics and drive labor optimization.


“With Collision Core, we’ve thought of everything you need to provide at-a-glance visibility across all key business operations, and focus on critical, unmet needs within the industry,” says Rob Mowson, Vice President of Marketing. “The goal with this platform is to empower shops and improve self-guided decision making based on real-time, factual data and deliver enterprise-wide communication. The Quality application is just the beginning.”


The app replaces paper checklists and end-of-repair quality controls with an easy-to-use mobile application that delivers in-process, time-stamped and validated information. The application enables technicians to ensure proper repair procedures are followed; and, with Collision Core Quality, the shop is able to provide the customer with a digital record of all of the vehicle’s repairs.


With Collision Core Quality, there are no delays in communication and reporting, or any last-minute surprises, which improves repair confidence and on-time delivery. Its intuitive navigation enables early adoption and continued use within the team. Collision Core Quality also offers the added connectivity to estimating and management systems.

Hear more about why this technology is so impactful for Paul’s family owned and operated business here. For a comprehensive overview of this year’s “Kool Tools” check out some of the equipment in action with organizers Kye Yeung and Toby Chess in this video. For more information Collision Core Quality or to request a demo, visit us online.


Source: Sherwin Williams