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TCI Products Release Their Shield Bedliner

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TCI Products (St. Louis, MO) , Manufacturer of PBE products is proud to announce the release of their newest product: Shield Bedliner.

After extensive research and testing of competitive Bedliner kits, we knew we could develop a better product at a better price. We have worked jointly with about a dozen jobbers over the last two years to make sure our product was as good as advertised. The result. …. It’s even better.


SHIELD Truck bed


Shield Bedliner is a 2k urethane based bedliner and coating that outperforms all others…hands down!

When developing this product, we looked at many other kits and tried to identify strengths and weaknesses of each. Initially we looked at packaging. We wanted our kits to have more product per kit than the competition.


Our kits are 4 liters which is typically 6-23% more product than others. We also noticed that other kits had 4 bottles of bedliner but only one bottle of activator. We recognized that this was an easy way to cut costs from a manufacture’s mind set but we also knew there would be a distinct advantage for us to have individual activators.


Red SHIELD box


No measuring required with Shield, no concern of over or under catalyzing but most importantly if you have unused product it will not go bad in a matter of weeks.


Perfect example – a few weeks ago, I sprayed the back of an El Camino. I used only 3 of the 4 bottles. I had a mini kit left over unopened that I could use later for a small project like bumpers or running boards, etc. Most other kits would have wasted the entire kit as the activator would have been opened.

Next, we looked at performance. Shield utilizes the highest-grade resins and is reinforced with Kevlar. The results are incredible. Independent lab testing for Shore D Hardness shows that Shield is 65% harder than the market leader! But more importantly Shield does not shrink up at the rate of others. Shield has minimal shrinking compared to the market leader that shrinks 34-37% in a matter of weeks! Shield wet film thickness may not be a great deal thicker but once cured our dry film thickness is about 30% than the leading competitor!


Lastly, we looked at price. We wanted to have demonstrate ably a better product at a better price and we have done just that. I believe our prices are advantageous to our customers and they can EASILY convert end users over to Shield with all the advantages we have to offer. We also have an advantage with TCI’s schutz gun – You will never have to clean a gun again! Of course, if you like the gun you use currently – it will probably work with our product as well.


We have created what I consider a “No excuse” sales pitch with a lot of PROs and Zero CONs: Better Packaging, better Performance and better Price!


For more information visit www.TCIPRODUCTS.com

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