Thursday, 06 May 2021 09:03

Polyvance Celebrates 40th Anniversary

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Polyvance has been specializing in plastic repair for 40 years.

The company was founded as Urethane Supply Company by Jim Sparks in 1981. Jim created the airless plastic welder to help bumper recyclers repair the urethane bumpers covers that were common at the time. Before Jim’s invention, these “rubber bumpers” were simply thrown away and replaced. Jim introduced a line of flexible fillers and primers to allow collision repair shops and bumper recyclers to repair and refinish plastic parts. In 1995, Jim retired and the Lammon family took over.

The company continued to innovate new products to make plastic repair easier and more profitable. UniWeld FiberFlex universal welding rod made repairing the increasingly-popular polypropylene bumpers easier. Bumper & Cladding Coat Adhesion Primer helped paint to stick to raw TPO bumpers. And in 2006, the company pioneered nitrogen plastic welding in the industry, making the repair of polypropylene parts much faster and easier.

Rebranded as Polyvance in 2016, the company maintains its exclusive focus on products and training to help people repair plastic parts. Polyvance offers the world’s largest variety of plastic welding rod, with twenty-one different material choices, eight different profiles, and ten different colors.


Polyvance is the only company in the industry with hands-on courses on nitrogen plastic welding that are approved for credit by I-CAR. And Polyvance is the leading supplier of nitrogen plastic welders to the industry, with over a quarter of body shops in America owning one.

As Polyvance celebrates its 40th anniversary, the company remains committed to helping people solve their plastic repair problems. Polyvance helps body shops repair plastic bumpers and headlights, truckers fix damaged plastic hoods, farmers repair sprayer tanks, and do-it-yourselfers fix their damaged kayaks. If a plastic is damaged, it’s likely that Polyvance has a repair solution that will keep it out of the landfill.

Polyvance has released a special video on its YouTube channel to celebrate its 40th anniversary.