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The Untold History Of Famous Cars And Their Owners: New Episodes Of The Anthology Series | Begin Streaming March 8 On Discovery+


...free to modify their car anyway they saw fit. When Hollywood caught wind of the race from New York to California, they invited Brock to Tinseltown to pitch him a movie. Driving cross country in his own souped-up car, he didn’t know at the time that hitting it big in LA would come at an even bigger price.


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It's 1960 and young Californian Fireman, Craig Breedlove, is bored. He’s a hot-rod enthusiast with a need for speed. When he reads about the world record speed attempts that are to take place at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, he immediately quits his job and sets himself an impossible goal – to drive the fastest car on Earth. With little money and no formal engineering education, he begs his Dad for the cash to buy a scrapped jet engine. His Dad lets him use his backyard garage and with a group of friends, they set about achieve the impossible. Craig designed and built the world’s fastest jet powered land vehicle, Spirit of America. Reaching top speeds of over 500 mph, Craig Breedlove dances with death as he becomes the fastest man on wheels.


Don "the Snake" Prudhomme and Tom "the Mongoose" McEwan changed drag racing forever with their famous rivalry that drew thousands of eyes to the sport. Don “the Snake” Prudhomme is known as the fastest and fiercest racer on the track at any given time. His winning went largely unchallenged until Tom ""the Mongoose"" McEwan, a fan favorite, began to beat him consistently. It was almost as if McEwan was Prudhomme kryptonite, the mongoose to the snake. Their races drew in large crowds, boosted the sports notoriety, and even launched a hit kid’s toy. Together, the Mongoose and the Snake boosted drag racing from the underground scene to the big time.


AUTO BIOGRAPHY takes viewers along for the ride, highlighting how cars and driving legends are not born, they’re made.


AUTO BIOGRAPHY is produced by Raw TV; with Sam Maynard and Mike Griffiths as executive producers. Howard Swartz and Igal Svet are executive producers for Discovery.


Source: Discovery


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