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The Untold History Of Famous Cars And Their Owners: New Episodes Of The Anthology Series | Begin Streaming March 8 On Discovery+


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Cars have become much more than simply a mode of transportation or a piece of metal that gets us from place to place.

Each car has its own story and unique history to tell. For decades, cars have inspired people around the world and left a lasting impact on our lives and in history books. AUTO BIOGRAPHY, the new anthology series on discovery+, explores the history of some of the world’s most famous cars through the lens of the people behind the wheel.


Through the first-hand accounts of drivers, industry experts, and others lucky enough to have experienced them at their peak, AUTO BIOGRAPHY reveals the inspiring stories and cultural impact these famous automobiles leave behind. These cars and their owners changed the automotive industry and have left behind legacies that continue to touch the lives of millions.


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The final three episodes of AUTO BIOGRAPHY begin streaming Monday, March 8 on discovery+, the definitive non-fiction, real-life subscription streaming service. In addition to watching AUTO BIOGRAPHY on discovery+, viewers can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #AutoBiography and following discovery+ on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


In each episode, AUTO BIOGRAPHY spotlights an important story from the auto industry, spanning from the 1920’s up through the modern day. From the backyard engineering project turned fastest jet powered car on the planet, to the tale of “the snake” and “the mongoose” and their faceoff that catapulted drag racing into public consciousness, each episode of AUTO BIOGRAPHY details the history of cars that inspired millions and changed the auto industry forever.


When The Cannonball Run premiered in 1981, lines circled the block as thousands of people came out to see it in theatres. But many were not aware that the film was inspired by a real-life illegal street race held in protest by car journalist Brock Yates. The true story behind the film is far stranger and much more unbelievable. The race, held in secret across the United States, had almost no restrictions with participants...

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