Wednesday, 16 December 2020 08:39

New ADAS Calibration Documentation Best Practice Video Launches at C.I.C.


...get access to the technology and training they need to properly repair vehicles. We were asked and eventually agreed to sponsor the entire video as we knew this video would provide so much benefit for repairers, it's a lot of information in an easily consumable format for all individuals engaged in performing calibrations.”


The CIC’s vision is a collision industry in which all segments work together to enable a complete, safe, and quality repair. With the goal of consumer safety, the adoption of properly calibrating ADAS systems is paramount in the industry.


“We worked hard to make sure everything was understandable and usable for every shop whether they have 1 or 100 locations,” said CIECA ADAS Calibrations committee member Gene Lopez, director of development and training of Seidner’s Collision Centers, “Not only knowing what you have to repair and calibrate on every vehicle but also knowing how to properly document each step is important. We are grateful to AirPro for stepping up and sponsoring the entire video.”


The video can be found here and is available to anyone who wants to know the steps for ADAS calibrations and the procedures surrounding them.


Source: AirPro Diagnostics


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