Tuesday, 13 October 2020 21:32


FI.TIM, a World Renowned Manufacture that specializes in new and innovative Lifts and Quick Repair Benches with several international patents, presents the new MASTER 5000.

FI.TIM MASTER 5000 works as a Lift or Bench for Cars, Trucks and SUV’s.


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About FI.TIM:

FI.TIM has designed and produced specific equipment with some international patents for 30 years in order to make bodywork easier and better.

FI.TIM has been selling its products to different countries in the world and has been on the US marketplace for over 20 years through local importers that help customers choose the products that best meet their needs and that assure after-sales service.

Besides quality and strength, auto body repairers appreciate FI.TIM lifts and benches as they are fast and comfortable to use.


Source: FI.TIM

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