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Now May Be the Time to Consider a Waterborne Basecoat


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In this slowed down economy, now may be a good time to reassess your paint operation and explore how to improve its operating efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

If you’re a high production shop currently using a solvent system and have considered a move to waterborne, it also may be a good time to test the waters---especially if you see the value in improving the air quality for your employees and community with a low VOC product.


When evaluating your current paint system against available waterborne options, it’s important to consider the entire refinish process---from color matching and application ease to throughput capability. As an example, PPG’s waterborne refinish system incorporates a host of benefits that can improve performance in these key areas.


Color Matching Efficiency


Obviously, color-matching prowess is critical. So, PPG is heavily invested in ensuring the ENVIROBASE® High Performance waterborne system delivers color-matching excellence, especially for vehicles wearing a finish that varies from the OEM prime.


Color variances identified by PPG’s color team are quickly incorporated into a comprehensive color formula database. Formulas are updated daily through PPG’s PAINTMANAGER® XI color software.


A real time saver is a Chromatic Variant Deck that can significantly reduce the need for sprayouts. Comprised of thousands of variant and prime color chips, each chip is sprayed with actual waterborne paint.


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“The color deck is dead-on”, says Jeff Smith of Pro Collision, Grand Rapids, MI. “If the color is in the deck, there’s no need to do a sprayout, like we always had to perform with our previous system.”

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