Wednesday, 16 September 2020 17:02

PPG Launches Low-VOC Waterborne Coating System for China Refinish Market

Sept. 16, PPG announced that its automotive refinish business in China launched a new waterborne coating system consisting of an epoxy primer, primer surfacer and clearcoat.

The system complies with new environmental and volatile organic compound (VOC) standards in China that will take effect in December 2020.


“PPG is at the forefront of compliance with environmental regulations and product innovation,” said Pauline Yuen, PPG vice president, automotive refinish, Asia. “Through the launch of our new waterborne product offering, our customers are well-prepared to serve their customers with world-class products that comply with the new regulations.”


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Launched in June 2020, the new waterborne system offers extremely low VOC content while meeting or exceeding the properties of traditional systems. Operational benefits for automotive body shops include:

• Reduced transportation and storage costs: There is no need for special or costly vehicles or warehouses as the new waterborne coatings are classified as non-dangerous goods.
• Reduced use of cleaning products: The new waterborne coatings present to customers an opportunity to significantly reduce the use of special solvent-borne products for cleaning of application equipment.
• Increased cost savings from minimal VOC treatment: By adopting waterborne coatings, customers can continue using their existing treatment facilities with lower operational costs since waterborne coatings emit significantly lower VOC emissions than solvent-borne coatings.


“This launch will make PPG’s full waterborne system more accessible to our customers in China,” said Qingfeng Ye, PPG technical director, automotive refinish, Asia Pacific. “It allows PPG to take another step in achieving its sustainability goals while maintaining the product performance that our customers have come to know and depend upon.”


To learn more, visit www.ppg.com.


Source: PPG

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