Monday, 14 September 2020 20:11

EstimateScrubber.com Launches Next Generation Content Curation Solution for Collision Repairers

VehicleOwnersGuide.com, an innovator to the collision repair and allied industries, is pleased to announce the availability of its newest collaboration tool, curated links.

Curated links scan the open web for information relevant to vehicle collision repairs. Found information is indexed against vehicle year, make, model, and 48 repaired vehicle sections. When scrubbing an estimate those links, plus information shared among repairers using ScrubberWiki, are available to the estimator.


Curated links make it easier for repairers to find information they need from multiple manufacturers/sources using a single index. Vehicle manufacturers, paint companies, equipment suppliers, and others can directly index their content with a free utility.


“This expands the EstimateScrubber.com to a collaboration tool repairers can use to make them more efficient and effective. It augments the repair planning process by integrating information from lots of sources, saving time rooting around to find it. ”, said Steven Siessman, president of VehicleOwnersGuide.com.


Vehicle manufactures may find it advantageous to index and directly link their OEM repair procedures to damaged vehicle sections identified in estimates.


“We will be aggressively reaching out to vehicle manufacturers and others to expand the curated content available to collision repairers. This is the first time somebody is looking to create an industry-wide master index of information, rather than aggregating and selling repair information. This could become the industry master index mapping damaged vehicle sections to integrated repair procedures.”, said Siessman.


For more information visit EstimateScrubber.com.


Manufacturers interested in indexing their content can contact Siessman.

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