Friday, 26 June 2020 15:07


Watch the latest #SymachTalk with Steve Knox, General Manager at Carstar Fredericton CA.

 CARSTAR Fredericton's two locations, in New Brunswick, Canada, have remained open during the coronavirus restrictions.


General Manager Steve Knox said the business only reduced their operating hours by one hour per day to correspond to the car rental company's hours.

The customer waiting areas in both locations were closed to maintain social distancing and management set up a process to accommodate customers during repairs.

They have found Symach equipment to be beneficial. "The beauty of having a Symach shop is that we are able to keep physical distances," said Knox. "The stalls are far enough apart that it helps avoid the spread of bacteria."

Knox said their Symach shop has beautifully finished floors and clean smooth surfaces similar to a hospital operating room, which is ideal for cleanliness.


" These things do not allow for the accumulation of dust and dirt particles," said Knox. "When you are starting out with a clean environment, it's much easier to maintain it as a safe place to keep bacteria and viruses out of."

For shops considering a Symach installation, Knox recommends visiting many Symach shops.


"There are different styles, but one thing I've found they all have in common is cleanliness," said Knox. "A customer, especially in these times of fear of bacteria, really appreciates seeing a vehicle go into a well-lit, clean shop. That's what Symach sells."