Tuesday, 16 June 2020 08:57

Symach Body Shops Share How They are Dealing With COVID-19

When the coronavirus restrictions were first put into place, body shops across the globe were faced with new challenges.

Symach proprietary equipment, layout, and processes, have been extremely beneficial for facilities while they are dealing with decreased work and implementing social distancing and contactless procedures.


Since many shops are experiencing downtime right now, the company has reached out to facilities with Symach equipment to ensure everything is being maintained properly.


It is a great opportunity for body shops to inspect all their equipment and address any maintenance issues they might have, so it does not impact production when business starts to pick up again.


Having a clean working environment is especially important right now during COVID-19. Symach’s layout lends itself especially well to this environment and minimizes concerns from employees and customers.


When customers see their car in a clean shop that is using disinfectant, it gives them confidence that the facility is taking all the necessary precautions.


Due to the defined workspace and specific positioning of the Symach layout, there is a natural distance between staff at each repair phase. As a result, technicians have space to do their job individually, which promotes social distancing.


Despite the current situation, shops are still able to achieve fast turnaround times and minimal key-to-key time while dealing with reduced staff and production levels.


As businesses start to recover, we are confident that Symach shops will be ready to easily manage the increase in work and do so efficiently.