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Wednesday, 10 June 2020 21:10

Introducing GFS Poly: Premium Exhaust Filter Line for Paint Booths

A new, premium exhaust filter for paint booths is now available for collision repair shops, industrial manufacturers and aircraft finishers, among others.

GFS Poly™ from Global Finishing Solutions® was developed as a high-end filter solution for high-volume shops.


With an exceptional holding capacity of 4.4 pounds and 99.9 percent removal efficiency rating, GFS Poly provides long-lasting performance, reduced long-term cost and increased paint shop productivity.


By producing little to no paint run-off, GFS Poly results in a cleaner working environment and less time spent cleaning run-off. The unique, two-layer construction of GFS Poly exhaust filters also reduces face loading for long-lasting performance and less filter changes.


Highly versatile, GFS Poly exhaust filters can be used with a variety of applications, including solvent-based paints, stains, high solid paints, multi-component coatings and water-based paints.


“From high-production collision centers to metal fabrication shops, the feedback on GFS Poly has been tremendous,” said Steve Love, parts & filters sales manager for GFS. “GFS Poly is a versatile, cost-effective filter that will ultimately save your business money.”


To accommodate booths of all sizes and designs, GFS Poly is available in pads or rolls in multiple size options that other paint booth exhaust filters are not available in — including a 60-foot-long roll.


Using the 60-foot roll, automotive body shops with dual-row exhaust pits can achieve a complete changeout with just one roll. GFS also offers a 63-foot roll of GFS Poly.


The added length enables customers to cut their own filter pads, allowing for a full, 30-pad count of 25-inch filters.


GFS Poly exhaust filters comply with NFPA 33, OSHA and UL 900 standards.


Experience the difference with GFS Poly exhaust filters.


To learn more about GFS Poly, visit globalfinishing.com/promos/gfs-poly-paint-booth-filters.

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