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Thursday, 30 April 2020 20:08

UpdatePromisePay Offers No-Contact Payment Solution

UpdatePromisePay's mobile payments feature is helping dealerships avoid COVID-19 exposure by allowing customers to pay virtually from their mobile device.

Enjoy competitive rates with online payments, allowing your team and customers to avoid exposure to COVID-19. Give your customers and internal team peace of mind in our current crisis.


Communities will appreciate the convenience of paying from virtually anywhere, especially if they automatically receive a notification the moment their vehicle is marked complete.


UpdatePromise also offers payment devices that will allow walk-in customers to tap-and-pay for their repairs via mobile device---even through a safety glass.


UpdatePromisE-Pay, also known as E-Pay, announced its early release for service financing. We want to help keep your sales up, so your customers can say yes to their repairs.

UpdatePromisePay can be your complete merchant solution and will save you money.


Most merchant processors require seeing statements before providing rates. UpdatePromisePay does not require this step. We promise to offer a competitively low rate without having to see your statements to ensure you will be saving money.


If you would still like to see the difference in savings, we can offer you a side-by-side comparison.


For information, see our website.


Source: UpdatePromisePay

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