Friday, 28 February 2020 10:25

Educational Sessions for Heavy-Duty Collision Repairers Take Place March 24 & 25

The HD Repair Forum's annual two-day event will cover several important topics that impact your business everyday.

Those involved in the collision repair work of heavy-duty fleet and commercial vehicles including buses, RVs, emergency vehicles, tractor-trailers, and the like won't want to miss this year's meeting!

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Educational sessions include:

Increasing Production Throughput
Ron Kuehn, President, Collision Business Solutions
Educational Session Four: Day Two, Wednesday, March 25, 1:30 PM

Creating operational and administrative efficiencies within the HD market has shown to face many challenges. In this session learn how HD shops can improve by: using proven problem solving techniques, implementing production systems, improving administrative efficiencies, and monitoring improvement with measuring methods and reducing ‘process creep’.

Structural Damage Analysis and Frame Repair Planning
Ken Boylan, Consultant, Chief Automotive Technologies
Educational Session Three: Day One, Tuesday, March 24, 4:30 PM

Create an effective repair plan by understanding the corrective techniques required to remove structural damages. In this session the various metals and frame construction designs used in today’s market will be reviewed. Learn more about the repairability of these designs as per industry standards and OEM recommendations. Also up for review are the principles involved in measuring heavy-duty vehicle structures for misalignment.

Motivational Leadership: Thank the Top, Support the Middle, & Warn the Bottom
Steve Beck, President, Beck Seminars
Educational Session One: Day One, Tuesday, March 24, 1:30PM

A Successful Leader is trusted, respected, and their team would do anything for them. In times where everyone is asked to ‘do more with less’, obtain use tools to motivate your team for greater effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. Session objectives include: increasing internal communication, motivating a team that thinks or acts differently from yourself, adopting servant leadership skills verses EGO leadership tendencies, and more.

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