Monday, 03 February 2020 13:32

EstimateScrubber.com adds Quick Code Mash-ups for Easy Estimating System Data Entry

VehicleOwnersGuide.com, a provider of technology, connectivity and information solutions to the Collision Repair market, announced EstimateScrubber.com now includes quick code mash-ups.

Quick code mash-ups allow users to select items from the 1283 ASA, 1033 SCRS and 78 Scrubber non-included items. When creating damage assessments users can create mash-ups of items they want to add to their estimates. The items are placed on the Windows clipboard for pasting into other applications.

ASA and SCRS items are grouped by vehicle sections. Scrubber items are referenced by estimate lines and appear only once. Each item can be assigned a user definable quick code.

“The good news is you can have it your way. Create a mash-up of items from the ASA, SCRS and Scrubber lists. Then transfer them to your CCC, Mitchell or Audatex system using simple Windows Copy and Paste. It rounds out the capabilities of the EstimateScrubber.com. Now besides helping determine what is missing or identifying writing mistakes it closes the loop to move the information back to the estimating system. ”, said Steven Siessman, President of VehicleOwnersGuide.com.

Mash-ups are available to free users and subscribers at no extra cost. Subscribers can assign user definable quick codes to their ASA, SCRS and Scrubber items. Free users can copy/paste line text between applications, while subscribers can copy/paste quick codes or line text.

For more information visit EstimateScrubber.com.