Friday, 17 January 2020 13:38

UpdatePromise Added as Contributing Member on Fortellis Automotive Exchange™ Platform

UpdatePromise, a leading consumer experience provider for automotive dealers, insurers and repairers throughout North America, recently announced it has published its Merchant Payments solution on the Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™ Platform.

Fortellis is the world’s first open, agnostic platform for the development and marketing of automotive APIs and solutions. Merchant Payments is now available through Fortellis to dealerships, OEMs and independent software vendors (ISVs) in North America.


UpdatePromise develops unique and innovative solutions for enhancing the consumer experience lifecycle, which includes innovative merchant solutions that integrate with DMS providers.


UpdatePromise is one of the first providers to integrate with the CDK Payment Settling API on Fortellis, allowing for write back capabilities to CDK Drive DMS. Leveraging the CDK Payment Settling API on Fortellis, UpdatePromise can automatically update specific Service Repair Orders as soon as payments have been completed. This new integration connects mobile and desktop merchant solutions offered by UpdatePromise, and connects directly to the dealer systems, creating a seamless payment workflow.


CEO Curtis Nixon, chief executive officer of UpdatePromise recently discussed the relationship and how it will benefit both companies. "Fortellis has developed a world-class platform and we're happy to be associated with them," he said. “In continuation of our mission to always stay ahead of the curve, we are positioning ourselves for success by being one of the first to market merchant integration through the Fortellis platform.”


“We’re very pleased to introduce UpdatePromise as the newest solution publisher on the Fortellis platform,” said Steven Liu, vice president, Product Management at CDK. “UpdatePromise is a welcome addition to Fortellis and joins a growing number of companies creating products that will shape the future of our industry.”