Monday, 13 January 2020 06:59

Car-O-Liner Introduces A-Tong CTR9 Adapter and Software Update

Car-O-Liner is pleased to introduce the adapter and software that allows the A-Tong to be connected to the CTR9.

In order to support the use of the A-Tong partnered with the CTR9, a new adapter is now available for the A-Tong and the welding machine’s software has been updated to include functions for Auto 1, Auto 2 and Manual modes.


To perfect the welding process, the new software paired with the new adapter is designed to improve welding through tougher combinations of cured adhesive electrophoretic coating (e-coat) on new vehicle panels and a higher welding duty cycle. Users can now expect less expulsion during repairs when welding through adhesives.


The A-Tong allows increased accessibility in hard to reach areas of sheet metal parts on today’s vehicles. Popular areas for the A-Tong on vehicles include the front radiator support as well as on rear quarter panels. The 1-to-1 electrode pressure allows consistency throughout the welding process to ensure quality repairs.


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