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Wednesday, 30 October 2019 16:22

Polyvance Unveils New 6076 Bumper Stabilizer at SEMA

6076 Bumper Stabilizer 6076 Bumper Stabilizer Polyvance

At SEMA next week, Polyvance will display its latest product to help body shops repair today’s large, multi-piece plastic bumpers – the 6076 Bumper Stabilizer.

The Bumper Stabilizer attaches easily to a common scissor stand and is designed to support the bumper from above using included bungee cords and adjustable anchor points.


Today’s large, multi-piece bumpers are flimsier and more fragile than those of the past. They are difficult to hold in position during assembly and repair operations. The 6076 Bumper Stabilizer is designed to help a single technician to hold the multiple components securely in the proper positions to ease assembly, disassembly, and repair.


The Bumper Stabilizer’s sturdy, heavy-wall steel tubing is black-oxide coated and made in the USA for quality and long-term durability. Six adjustable overhead anchor points support the included six adjustable bungee cords. The bungee cords are used to hold the bumper and trim components in their relative positions, eliminating the fear of accidentally dropping and damaging a freshly painted fascia. The bungee cords can also be used to hold a bumper in a position for better technician ergonomics and to hold a cracked bumper together, taking the tension off the plastic so the damage can be properly repaired.


The Bumper Stabilizer’s suggested user price is $399.95 and will soon be available at paint jobbers and equipment distributors across North America.


The Bumper Stabilizer can be seen at Booth 10673 at the SEMA show, or at Polyvance’s YouTube channel shows several videos on how to assemble and use the 6076 Bumper Stabilizer.

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