Wednesday, 23 October 2019 08:24

CCC ONE® Streamlines Customer-to-Shop Payments

CCC Information Services Inc. (CCC) announces its CCC ONE® Platform now integrates with leading credit card payment processer, Clearent, offering collision repair customers a simple way to handle customer-to-shop payments.

"Accepting and processing self-pay or insurance deductible payments has always been a challenge,” said Sharon Shaffner of Patterson’s Collision Center in Valencia, CA. “With a line of customers standing in front of us, we needed to juggle multiple systems and hope they were talking to each other.”


How it Works


CCC integrates with Clearent credit card payment processing to leverage the existing CCC ONE receipts functionality. To activate, CCC ONE Repair Workflow clients simply contact Clearent to establish a direct processing relationship and to activate their point-of-sale terminal. Once activated, a “Pay Now” button will appear within the CCC ONE receipts screen where users can initiate the process. Payments made through the credit card point of sale terminal can be assigned by the shop to the appropriate repair order and automated reporting flows into CCC ONE eliminating the need for manual reconciliation.


“CCC is focused on constantly improving our client’s experience and operations,” said Mark Fincher, vice president, market solutions for CCC. “The integration we’ve created between CCC ONE and Clearent adds important functionality that delivers on the promise and value of a single platform for our repair customers.”


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