Tuesday, 06 August 2019 12:25

The Matrix Wand Announces Manufacturing & Development Partnership

The Matrix Wand announces a manufacturing and development partnership with the Vortex Corporation. Vortex is a US-based manufacturer of machinery and electrical components with operations in Europe and Asia.

The Matrix Wand is a hand-held 3D electronic blueprinting and repair measuring device for structural collision damage. It uses 3D imagery and specialized software to assess structural collision damages against factory repair data and specifications. Estimators and repair technicians can use the images to measure and identify sway, sag and mash using infinite data points.

“Vortex brings economies of scale and product development capabilities that provides tremendous value to Matrix Wand customers,” commented Matrix President, Steve Lyon. “This partnership has allowed us to expedite the launch of the Fenderbolt platform, which is now available to customers.”

Fenderbolt is a cloud-based service that incorporates Matrix’s 3D Measuring Software, on-demand training with I-CAR credits, system usage reporting for shop owners, automatic updates, and the Mitchell database. By transitioning to a cloud-based application, Matrix system users will be able to access the latest technology available for the repair process.

“In addition to Fenderbolt, this partnership with Vortex has allowed us to introduce new lean processes that greatly reduces the manufacturing costs of the Matrix Wand 3D Measuring hardware without sacrificing quality and performance,” explained Vortex CEO, Travis Young and newly appointed Matrix CEO. “This cost reduction has allowed us to pass on that value to our customers in the form of a new pricing structure”.

The Matrix Wand is the flagship product of Matrix Electronic Measuring Inc. It was introduced to market at the 2012 SEMA Show, where it won the prestigious New Products Showcase Award. Today, the Matrix Wand holds 6 U.S. and 21 foreign patents.


For more information about the Matrix Wand, visit thematrixwand.com.