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Monday, 05 August 2019 21:38

Steck Manufacturing Company Releases Extended Clip Release Tool

Extended clip release action. Extended clip release action. Steck Manufacturing Company

Accessing door panel clips when removing the door panel can be a challenge, especially because of how deep they are located.


Made in the USA, the Extended Clip Release Tool is laser cut from 1/8” hot rolled steel with a beveled end. Uniquely designed, the tool is 18” long which allows bi-directional access to grip under the clips that sit deep in the door panel. Using the beveled end with large 6” handle allows a technician to twist and raise the interior door panel clips.


The beveled end also provides the ability to release Ford truck bed rail plastic caps by using the same twisting motion saving replacement rail cap costs.


Labor/Material Savings: Saves the technician time up to ten minutes by allowing access to grip clips that are not easily accessible with traditional levers as well as saving the cost of possibly breaking the clip.


Check out the "Extended Clip Release Tool" which retails for $45.00. See your Steck dealer and pick up your Extended Clip Release Tool today!


For more information, visit


Part Number 21710

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