Tuesday, 25 June 2019 08:20

Scrubberwiki, The Industry's First And Only Inter-shop Collaborative Database Added To Estimatescrubber.com

VehicleOwnersGuide.com, a provider of technology, connectivity and information solutions to the Collision Repair market, announced the addition of ScrubberWiki to EstimateScrubber.com.

 ScrubberWiki is designed to support repair facilities in sharing vehicle specific information. It is a platform where repairers can share vehicle/section information supporting their estimating/repair needs. ScrubberWiki harnesses the power of artificial intelligence/natural language processing to leverage the investment in time and money repairers are already making researching vehicle information.


A ScrubberWiki is a set of information/instructions/linked document a shop creates for a specific make/model/vehicle section. It can be used in the shop creating it, as well as shared with other shops, associations/MSO/franchise shops. Vehicle manufacturers, paint suppliers, parts and other entities can also provide information important to them directly to repairers through ScrubberWikis.

When scrubbing estimates, vehicle sections are identified and pertinent ScrubberWikis presented to the user. Shared ScrubberWikis are anonymously presented to the viewing shop, and there is no back and forth communication. It is simply a piece of information to be considered.


EstimateScrubber.com works with estimating products provided by CCC Information Services, Audatex and Mitchell International. Subscribers can create ScrubberWikis, while users of the free or paid products will be able to view shared ScrubberWikis.


“We’re excited about his new functionality to EstimateScruber.com. We are attempting to provide a tool that repairers can use to create their own database, which fits their needs. It is a blank slate. Repairers now have the platform to create and share the information they need amongst themselves, with no gatekeeper.”, said Steven Siessman, President of VehicleOwnersGuide.com


The ScrubberWiki module is provided at no additional charge to subscribers.


For more information visit EstimateScrubber.com.