Tuesday, 30 April 2019 13:24

Polyvance Donates to Help Send Student to SkillsUSA National Conference

Polyvance has been promoting plastic repair in vocational-technical schools for the past several years.

Over the years, plastic repair has grown in schools, and more instructors are realizing the importance of nitrogen plastic welding. In 2018, nitrogen plastic welding became a scored part of the SkillsUSA national competition. Kurt Lammon, president of Polyvance, took twenty 6085 nitrogen welders to the national competition for the competitors to use. Polyvance believes SkillsUSA is a great way for students to learn skills that will secure them steady, in-demand jobs.


Luis Rodriguez, a student at the Earnest Pruett Center of Technology, won first place at the high school level during the 2019 Alabama SkillsUSA Automotive Refinishing Competition. The competition was held April 15-17 in Birmingham, Alabama, where Luis competed against some of the best Collision Repair students in the state. His sharp skills and strong work ethic allowed him to take home the gold medal. The Earnest Pruett Center of Technology is a technical school in Hollywood, Alabama, less than thirty minutes from Polyvance’s factory. To support the local community and to encourage the interest in trade skills, Polyvance is making a donation to help send Luis to the SkillsUSA National Conference.


The SkillsUSA National Conference takes place in Louisville, Kentucky, June 24-28, this year. The state winners from around the country will compete to earn a national title in their category. This will be the ultimate test for Luis’s skills. At the competition, Luis will have the incredible opportunity to showcase his skills on a national stage and gain exposure among industry leaders. The price for each student to attend the SkillsUSA National Conference can be costly. A student must factor in travel expenses, lodging, meals, and entertainment into their budget. Polyvance is proud to make this donation to help reduce the cost of Luis’s trip. Polyvance encourages others in the industry to support SkillsUSA and the growth of trade skills in students.

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