Tuesday, 16 April 2019 13:33

Martin Senour Paints Releases 2019 Q2 Training Schedule, Offers Color Adjustment, Blending Courses, Much More

Martin Senour Paints has announced its 2019 second quarter training schedule, offering classes in Color Adjustment and Blending, Painter Certification and Pro//BASE™ Refinish System Painter Certification.

The training courses are to be held in Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Reno.

The classes will provide procedures, theory and application for optimal shop experience and for refinish technicians and paint specialists to assist their knowledge about new products and how-to maximize color application. All participants will receive personal safety equipment, as well as product and color training materials for use and future reference.

“The collision repair professionals that are constantly developing and learning new ways to boost efficiency and enhance customer experience are the most successful,” Nick Dowling, Martin Senour Product Manager. “Our courses provide the necessary training for shops to enhance and provide the consistent quality their customers expect.”

The full curriculum is designed to provide professionals in the collision repair industry with advanced knowledge about the field. Shop owners, managers and technicians, as well as NAPA jobbers, will learn the best practices for maximizing profits, increasing productivity and utilizing systems. In addition to the Color Adjustment and Blending training, there are courses specifically designed for fleet refinishers and NAPA jobber personnel to better service the collision repair marketplace.

Courses taught by Martin Senour professionals during the second quarter of 2019 include:

•Pro//BASE™ Refinish System Painter Certification
•Painter Certification
•Jobber Level 1 and 2
•Color Adjustment and Blending

A complete listing of the 2019 second quarter Martin Senour training schedule, course descriptions and locations is as follows:


Atlanta, 6/10/2019, Painter Certification, 2 days

Atlanta, 6/12/2019, Color Adjustment and Blending, 2 days

Dallas, 6/6/2019, Pro//BASE™ Refinish System Painter Certification, 2 days

Dallas, 6/10/2019, Painter Certification, 2 days

Dallas, 6/12/2019, Color Adjustment and Blending, 2 days

Dallas, 6/18/2019, Jobber Level 2, 4 days

Philadelphia, 4/2/2019, Pro//BASE™ Refinish System Painter Certification, 2 days

Philadelphia, 5/8/2019, Painter Certification, 2 days

Philadelphia, 6/3/2019, Jobber Level 1, 3 days

Reno, 6/17/2019, Painter Certification 2 days

Reno, 6/19/2019, Color Adjustment and Blending, 2 days


For more information regarding Martin Senour training or its paint products, visit martinsenour-autopaint.com.