Thursday, 11 April 2019 13:07

DCR’s Classic Accident Repair Center Releases Video Featuring Symach Srl Equipment

Michael Giarrizzo, Manager of  DCR Systems, released a video featuring Symach Srl equipment.

Giarrizzo said in the "Crash Course #21" video: “April 5th, 2019. We are back in Mentor, Ohio at Classic Accident Repair Center in our Super Cell and today we are going to follow a car around the entire process within the Super Cell from start to finish. We will follow a Sienna van with damage to both driver side doors. It was not a big job, just 2 panels. But, we literally pulled this car in to the shop at 7:00 in the morning and think you will be shocked to see how fast it was completed. This Symach Srl equipment is truly incredible. Come check it out!”

DCR Systems LLC was formed in December 2004 and offers outsourced, turnkey accident repair centers based on ‘lean manufacturing’ principles. Our system eliminates many of the inefficiencies associated with auto body repairs. We operate each location within a process-centered environment that standardizes and streamlines each procedure. DCR Systems is owned by the Giarrizzo family, a well-respected name in the collision repair industry.

For more information visit: dcrsystems.com and symach.com.