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Tuesday, 12 March 2019 16:00

50+ Women Are at the Helm of CARSTAR Repair Facilities


"I look up to many women at CARSTAR, like Bernice Di Vito from CARSTAR Barrie, who is the first to come to mind, but closer to home is my friend Lisa Murphy from CARSTAR Edmonton South East. I’m so proud to have these women in my corner as we all grow and share knowledge amongst one another.”


A Lifetime of Learning


Kathy Giles sees CARSTAR as a powerful resource in continuing the success of the four generations leading their business.


“I am in the collision repair industry because I am the happy wife of the owner,” said Kathy Giles, a partner with her husband at CARSTAR Fergus (Giles) in Ontario. “D.G. Giles Auto Body Company Limited has been a family business since 1955. My husband's grandfather started the business, then his father took over, now my husband, and soon, our son will. Being a female partner with CARSTAR has been busy, educational and a lot of fun. CARSTAR opened many doors for our facility with computer programs, functions with our CARSTAR family, fundraising (cystic fibrosis) and more. CARSTAR has affected our business in many ways---being a preferred facility with insurance companies and becoming well-known not only within our little city but with surrounding cities and nationwide. We are thankful our CARSTAR family will help guide us with the auto body future.”


Candy Trapp seconds the value of CARSTAR’s resources to carry their business into the future of collision repair.


“We purchased an existing CARSTAR franchise location,” said Trapp, who with her husband owns CARSTAR Utzig in Janesville, WI. “Being involved with CARSTAR has helped us, and we enjoy having access to groups from different locations that meet and go over how they run their businesses. It is very helpful to get other ideas and have other CARSTAR owners look over what we are doing and give opinions on what we could do to make us better. It also has helped greatly to have them work with us on DRP programs. One facility can only do so much, so having a big brother to help and look over us is amazing. I think joining CARSTAR would be a great advantage for a collision repair business to help them grow and become known by the community with the help of advertising and the insurance companies with all the DRP programs.”

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