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Tuesday, 12 March 2019 16:00

50+ Women Are at the Helm of CARSTAR Repair Facilities


"As we have been here for many years, we have obviously seen a lot of changes. We have grown with the company and have seen a lot of changes, some good and some not so good. It has also had its challenges. I would not be in this line of work had it not been for my husband, but I definitely think more women should get involved in this industry in the trade side of it because there is so much opportunity.”


Doni Collins combined a passion for cars with her husband Ed’s new CARSTAR location for the perfect marriage.


“I grew up around cars, racing and my father had his own custom body shop until he retired,” said Doni Collins, a partner at CARSTAR Fairborn and CARSTAR C&H Auto Body in Ohio. “Ed and I had been dating for eight years when he decided to join CARSTAR. After asking me if I would help him because he was running the entire operation by himself, I agreed. I arranged to help him for one year, as I’ve owned my own business since 1991. We were married in 2010 and 12 years later… here I am! Being a part of CARSTAR has allowed my husband and I to step away from the daily operations and focus on specific goals and operational margins. It has afforded us the opportunity to triple our sales and make many friends who have made lasting impressions on me as an individual, our team and our business.”


A Unique Approach to Team Management and Customer Service


Many of the women in the CARSTAR network agree that they bring a different perspective to their businesses.


“Having a female presence in the store to think through a woman's experience as a customer, from a clean and stocked washroom to a family-friendly reception area, can make a big difference,” said Bernice Di Vito. “These considerations extend even further to attract female employees to work in collision repair, both in the office and the production floor. Employees are your first customer so it is important to consider both female and male perspectives in every aspect of our business if you want to be successful.”

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