Wednesday, 06 March 2019 16:35

Toyota Canada Selects Certified Collision Care as Exclusive Strategic Partner

Toyota Canada has selected Certified Collision Care, the Canadian division of Assured Performance Network, as their exclusive strategic partner to administer and manage the Toyota Certified Collision Centre and Lexus Certified Collision Centre programs.

The programs will identify, certify, and promote dealership and independent facilities as collision repair providers of choice, to Toyota and Lexus drivers across Canada.

Participation in the Toyota and Lexus Certified Collision Centre Programs will be limited in each market area, and dealer sponsorship will be a requirement. Existing Toyota and Lexus Certified Collision Centres will join the Certified Collision Care program to maintain their certifications. Details are available online at www.certifiedcollisioncare.ca. For Certified Collision Care Providers that gain Toyota and/or Lexus Dealer sponsorship and are not in a locked-out market, there is no additional fee to add Toyota or Lexus Certification to their Certified Collision Care credentials; however some additional Toyota and Lexus specific requirements may be required.

Certified shops will receive special Toyota and Lexus Certified Collision Centre signage and listing on the consumer-facing online shop locators as part of the integrated Certified Collision Care program. This strategic partnership further reinforces the business strategy and slogan of the joint-effort certification program, "Certified Once, Recognized by Many".

Paul Stella, Manager Collision Repair & Refinish, Toyota Canada Inc. commented, “We are looking forward to working with Certified Collison Care to enhance our existing Certified Collision Program. Certified Collison Care existing resources will help us manage our certified collision network.”

Leanne Jefferies, VP, Canadian Operations, Assured Performance Certified Collision Care commented, "We are very excited to partner with Toyota and Lexus to manage the certification programs, and to add the Toyota and Lexus Certified Collision Centre programs to our Certified shop's credentials. Our joint-effort certification program provides top performing collision repairers an effective means to differentiate themselves in their market by aligning with the most powerful brands in the automotive industry.”

Toyota and Lexus Canada will be an integral strategic partner leveraging the joint-effort collision repair facility certification services, infrastructure and turnkey program offered by Certified Collision Care. By leveraging the existing Certification process, Toyota is able to eliminate redundant costs, making certification more affordable for their dealerships and independently owned repair businesses that can meet their requirements.

The Toyota and Lexus Certified Collision Centre programs were created to promote certified collision repair facilities to Toyota and Lexus vehicle owners and insurers. The requirements are based upon the essential tools, process, equipment, training and facilities necessary to repair all Toyota and Lexus vehicles back to manufacturer specifications. The program will help ensure that Toyota and Lexus vehicle owners can choose a Certified Collision Centre to have their vehicle repaired at a facility that meets Toyota and Lexus requirements. This is particularly important based upon the increasingly complex vehicle design and repair requirements of Toyota and Lexus vehicles.