Monday, 25 February 2019 15:26

Introducing the Next Generation in Measuring Systems

AccuVision-3D introduces their next generation 3D chassis measuring system, the 10-AV700.

The new generation units incorporate Infrared technology.


The stereo camera and hand held pointer are equipped with Infrared optical cameras and LEDs.


This new technology enables users to use the system outdoors even under direct sunlight. A plus when space is limited on the shop floor.


Since measurements do not need an even level surface for the vehicle, one can measure on any surface without any concerns.


The unit calibrates itself automatically, is extremely quick and accurate. The wheel alignment diagnostics feature is included in the software.


The Mitchell chassis database is used and when there is no data available, the user is capable of making data to measure.


Accuvision-3D is manufactured in Canada by Arslan Automotive Canada Ltd. For more information visit: accuvision-3d.com