Monday, 18 February 2019 10:55

Replacing Safety Vin Labels Is Fast and Easy With Vinlabelshop.Com

VinLabelShop.com makes it fast and easy. VinLabelShop.com makes it fast and easy.

The Safety VIN label and the Tire and Loading label are required by NHTSA to be permanently affixed to the vehicle.

They are considered by the federal government to be the official depot for the driver to get tire sizes and pressure, weight ratings, seating capacity, date of manufacture plus the manufacturer can add other vital information such as braking systems and paint and trim codes. Even the owner’s manual points to these labels as the official source of safety information. This is a simple way to bring the vehicle one step closer to pre-loss condition.

The owner of VinLabelShop.com has been producing replacement VIN labels for over 10 years. The graphic artists start with a blank label and reproduce a custom label based on the image uploaded. The VIN and barcode are verified accurate and a file is created for each label produced. And the collision shop has access to their entire purchase history online. VinLabelShop.com has a 24 hour turnaround on its labels, which are weatherproof and permanent.

With East Coast and Midwest locations, collision shops can rely on VinLabelShop.com for speedy service and delivery. Other “vehicle specific” labels available online. Now shops can replace these important safety labels and get paid for it!

To order labels, visit vinlabelshop.com or call 314-517-0486.