Friday, 08 February 2019 12:43

Wadsworth International, VECO Experts Partner To Elevate OEM Certification Programs


Wadsworth International has chosen to partner with VECO Experts to support its vehicle manufacturer-certified collision repair networks to deliver a consistent, high-quality repair and customer experience.


“The automakers we work with want their network to be more than just a checklist of equipment,” said Rick Miller, president of Wadsworth International. “We’ve teamed up with VECO Experts because they’ve demonstrated they have the knowledge, passion and commitment to the industry.”


“We’ve always taken a holistic approach, looking at all the business elements that need to be in place for quality repairs and customer care,” said Mark Olson, founder of VECO Experts. “Wadsworth International understands that’s what automakers want from their certified networks, and together, that’s what we can help provide.”


VECO Experts will conduct the initial field assessments of shops administered by Wadsworth International.


“That’s really only the first step, but unfortunately, that’s been where some certification programs have ended,” Olson said. “This model is really about taking it to the next level.”


“It’s quality management throughout the entire process,” Miller said. “That’s what the automakers we work with have asked us to deliver, and that’s why we’ve partnered with Mark’s organization.”