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Wednesday, 09 January 2019 21:04

Chris Stephens Talks New Season of Garage Rehab


M&C: I’m sure space is an issue too in the northeast. I know you guys were seeing outside of custom builds and we having older cars, people are driving hybrids and electric cars now. That’s a whole different skill set. Do you have an opinion about that or anything you want to say?


Chris: Well, one of the problems that we’re going to see with a lot of the hybrid and electric cars is disposal of the batteries when those need to be changed. A lot of hybrids contain more than six batteries inside the vehicle. We’re going to have to have special shops that know how to service and properly recycle these batteries.


I haven’t seen that yet because still that hybrid technology is a little bit new. We will be seeing that. We are going to see shops that specialize in hybrid technology and electric cars. Personally, I haven’t been around it. The shops that we’ve done are a little bit more established. They’ve been around for 15, 20 years, so they really haven’t been messing with those.


Even when we were out in Sturgis, as we’re doing the shop, as we’re trying to work on the shop, customers they’re still coming in. It’s everybody from me, Russell, or Richard, or even the camera guys go up to these customers and go to explain the situation, “Oh we’re currently rehabbing this garage, but yet they’re still open. Here’s a phone number. You can contact them.”


Here was a Tesla SUV in Sturgis, South Dakota that needed a tire changed. That tire is different on a Tesla than a normal vehicle, so we have to make sure that he’s going to have equipment that’s going to be able to service everything even as simple as a Tesla tire.


Yes, the SUVs, the electric vehicles, the hybrid vehicles, they’re going to be a little bit different to service.


Having the programmable equipment to be able to reset and inspect a tire pressure monitor system on some of these newer vehicles is needed. We make sure that if they’re going have anything to do with tires or that kind of maintenance that you’re going to have the equipment that’s going to be able to scan that basically make sure that that car never has to leave to go to another shop or dealership. It should stay with you. You should never have to send it down the road. That’s what we try to do.


Garage Rehab premiered Tuesday, January 8th, new episodes will continue to air Tuesdays at 9PM ET/PT.


We thank April Neale from Monsters and Critics for reprint permission.

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