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Wednesday, 09 January 2019 21:04

Chris Stephens Talks New Season of Garage Rehab


M&C: Can you tell me where this garage is located?


Chris: Travel from the Atlanta, Georgia area.


M&C: Then you went to South Dakota…


Chris: Sturgis, South Dakota. That’s a beautiful state. I’ve never been up there. I’m telling you if you ever need a vacation spot to go, see Mount Rushmore. Not only is Sturgis a big deal, but there’s so many millions of people that come to South Dakota, which where they’re at, Sturgis is very close to Mount Rushmore. Just the tourism too.


That’s another thing. They (Jacobs family) needed to capitalize on that. Yeah. We’ve done South Dakota and California. We went down south, pretty far down south, maybe the farthest down south [you] go in this country. I’ll leave it at that.


M&C: Where else?


Chris: Two islands (in the south), yeah, that needed help. You’ve got to think, they’ve had some bad storms come through a lot of the resort areas, and they need help too.


M&C: Was that Padre Island (Texas) you were down in?


Chris: Close to that. Yeah. Say no more. We’ve been everywhere. The only thing we haven’t been up to is the northeast. I’m hoping that we’ll see a little bit more northeast come up in the next couple of garages that we’re going to be doing.

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